Signature Series I and II Signs start at Small (8-10” x 24’ length) run between $ 60-75.
Medium sized Signatures Series Signs start at $120-175(sizes ranging from 8-12” X 36” length).
Large Signature Series Signs run from$ 175-250 (sizes ranging from 12-18” by 32” length).
Extra large signs are welcomed for commercial and other use. Please call or contact me for details

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The Signature II Series

Adirondack Jim's

The Signature series II signs are essentially carved the same as the Signature I series, however they have a semi gloss varnished background and hand painted letters and artwork featuring exterior oil based paint.

Letter/border colors include (gloss) black, red, hunter green, and yellow.

The finishing time alone can take up to two weeks because of the several coats of spar varnish and hand painted oil paint, however the end product is durable and pleasing to the eye!

Sizes are the same as Signature I series.

The II series signs are dated, numbered and signed.

View Signature II Gallery

Adirondack Jim's